All airsoft guns must be concealed in a gun case, bag or box until inside Ultimate Airsoft

Eye Wear

GOGGLES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE PLAY AREA. At no time during the game will a player be allowed to break the seal of the goggle from around their eyes. Only goggles / eye wear that meet the following requirements will be allowed:

·The impact standard for goggles is ANSI z.87.1.

·They must fully encompass the eyes, with no gaps.

·They must be fitted with a head strap to keep them from falling off during a game.

·The lens frame must be sturdy enough to keep the lens in place during play.     



In non-playing areas ( rooms, hall, lobby)

Guns must be pointed downward at all times. Magazines must not be in guns until on the field. Fingers are off the trigger at all times. Firing guns in non-playing areas for any reason will result in ejection from Ultimate Airsoft WITHOUT refund. Keep your load area neat- You are responsible for YOUR equipment.

Field Rules

Eye protection is on at ALL times when on the field. Test firing guns without permission from field ref is not allowed. Sound or stun grenades are allowed only with the ref’s approval and must be rolled underhand. All guns must be chronographed and tagged each visit to Ultimate Airsoft. All guns must shoot three .20 BB’s in a row, all under the max of 350 FPS (average does not count). .23 .25 or any other BB’s cannot be used to pass the chronograph. Before exiting field, remove mag from gun and fire two shots on semi into empty field.

Game Rules

No blind firing, If you can’t see your target then you can’t shoot it, all guns with the exception of machine guns, pistols and grenade launchers must be “shouldered to fireShooting players point blank from behind is not allowed. You must mercy that player.  Any other mercy is at the discretion of the player. Friendly fire and surrenders do count. Ricochets and gun hits do not count. One hit and you are out!! Raise your hand and shout “dead” or “out” and head to re-spawn area or safe zone. Remember to CALL YOUR HITS. Refs carry guns and will frequently “test” players. Failing a test will result in missing games/ejection from Ultimate Airsoft.

Field Conduct

Airsoft is a game of honour, and as players one must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. As such, it is each player’s responsibility to maintain a proper attitude toward all other players. Any player guilty of un-sportsmanlike conduct, including yelling, obscene behaviour, cursing, or disrupting play can be suspended from play.

If another player is seen getting hit and they did not feel or hear it, do not yell at them. Just indicate to them the specific area that he or she is seen hit by a BB. If the hit player is not responsive to the indication and a second player also saw the hit, that player should respond with “I second that hit.” Upon hearing this, the indicated hit player must call himself out immediately. If said player is still not responsive, “parley” must be called and followed.

If a team-mate gets hit, and he or she did not feel it, inform them of the hit so that he or she can call himself or herself out.

Any form of physical altercation (i.e. fighting) will not be tolerated.

Do not walk into a game that is already in progress.

If not ready by the time a game starts, wait for the next one.

Do not shoot at the players in the field from the sideline.

Do not intentionally block or provide cover for team-mates after being hit.

Eliminated players are forbidden to communicate with those still playing.

This includes giving supplies (gas, BB’s, etc.) to those that are still playing.


Any hit to any part of the body counts as a kill (including camel backs, etc).

Hits to the gun do not count as a kill for most cases. However for some scenarios, it is. So make sure about what the players had agreed upon before starting a game.

Friendly fire counts! If hit by a fellow team-mate, then this is considered a KILL.

When two players engage each other in combat (whether at a distance or in close quarters), and both players get hit, both players are out regardless of who said “hit” first.

Rubber knife hits count as a kill.

Ricochets do not count.

Once a Player Is Hit

Immediately yell “hit” as loud as all the players can hear while raising both hands/gun in the air and leave the playing field. It is highly recommended to have a red rag that a killed player can place on his or her head as he/she leaves the field to indicate a kill.

Do not shoot after being hit, while leaving the field, or as a spectator.

In some cases other behaviours (i.e. playing dead, standing in place, etc.) will be agreed upon before a game starts. In these cases, observe the appropriate conduct diligently.


Asking for a surrender and surrendering is optional, but it is highly encouraged to ask for a surrender when a player is within 5-10 feet of the other player and his or her back is to the surrendering player, or under similar situations. Please treat others with respect.

If a different surrender rule is declared prior to a game then it must be followed.


If there is ever a dispute during play, call “Parley.” Once this is called, both parties must immediately exit the field to reach an amicable resolution.

All participants use ONLY Airsoft guns. These guns must conform to the FPS (Feet per second) limit that Ultimate Airsoft has decided on an Indoor limit of 350fps All participants MUST wear eye protection! Ideally, all Airsoft players should have full face masks, long sleeve shirts, full pants, and gloves whenever they play Airsoft. If playing at any professional Airsoft locations then a full face mask is necessary. This is for legal/insurance reasons and cannot be avoided. If the mask is fogging or needed to be cleaned during a game then leave the playing field and quickly clean the goggles. If struck by an airsoft BB then the player is hit and for purposes of the game is considered “killed.” This means that the player is out of the current game unless special rules are being followed. Most times when “killed” in a game there is a safe-zone where the killed player waits for the next game to begin. Hits to the weapon is not considered a kill for some scenarios, so make sure that it is clearly agreed upon before starting a game. While playing the game, if uncertain about whether being already hit or not, then this is the benefit of the doubt is considered and the player must count himself or herself KILLED, eliminating silly arguments during a game. Whenever someone player is hit during the game, he or she must call out “HIT!” and then walk to the designated safe-zone with the weapon held high over the head with both hands. Be sure to do so since other players may assume the killed player is still in the game if not.