Private bookings

Private functions are available at Ultimate Airsoft. What you get is the entire field for your own private function for 4 hours. Price includes up to 20 players. The cost of this is $450.00. Additional players pay $45. Rental equipment extra.

Private bookings with rentals

This package includes your own private function for 4 hours, up to 10 players and all rental equipment included, (Sergeant package). The cost of this is $550.00. Additional players pay $55 each.

Parties and Events

An excellent way to escape reality and get away from it all, Come on out and be Rambo for the day. Whether its your birthday or the bride/groom to be, Airsoft will give you a blast! So get out and game. Our parties offer you up to 10 people for $450.00. This includes all rental equipment with unlimited BB’s for 3 hours, You will also get a Party size pizza (20 slices). Any additional players are subject to a $45 fee.

Had my stag here, was a crazy experience, laughs had by all. Thank you Ultimate Airsoft

Mark J

Played here on my birthday and had a lot of fun. We played push the bomb and I won it for my team! so cool

Christopher B

Booked this for our Jack & Jill, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, was nice to get out and shoot my husband to be, lol. Thank you guys for hosting us

Melissa M

Had my team out there doing some training, was really well developed field, very CQB, was nice having to move from structure to structure, By far the best place to train. Thank you UA

Jake R