Ultimate Airsoft










Join us and experience what it’s like to breach a room or imagine yourself caught in heavy fire – Think you can survive? Dare to give it a try?


Welcome to
Toronto’s first premier indoor airsoft arena!

More PEW PEW PEW for you!

Monday and Tuesday from 5pm to 11pm
Admission is $22.12

These days are dedicated to the advanced level players. Not for the timid.
Thunder B’s allowed
No Lasers or smoke grenades
Player coordinated games

Hunger Games

15,000 SQFT of CQB Action

Our CQB environment changes several times a year so that it never gets stale. Come and live the excitement, experience what its like to enter a hostile area and eliminate your threat.

100% Airsoft

Our arena is an airsoft exclusive field, No need to worry about getting your kit greasy here!

360 FPS

With safety being our number one priority the absolute maximum velocity is 360 FPS, anything higher will not be permited.


Head Shots

Supposed Gun Hits?

Knife Kills...Mercy

Great field, the staff were amazing and helpful and it was very organized. Looking forward to playing here again!

William Meyer

UA is a fantastic venue for fast paced CQB action. The facility is run by professional and knowledgeable staff. My one and only bad experience was handled to complete satisfaction. I would recommend this field to both new and experienced players alike. I have spent full days there that have only left me wanting more. I look forward to returning and bringing in new people both to airsoft and UA. This place gives airsoft the exact reputation that our “controversial” sport needs. 6 stars for UA.

Hawkeye Pierce

my first game in canada was in ultimate airsoft….fun place,friendly owner and staff, met sum new awesome people and a good refs… first experience airsoft in canada with UA and didnt regret it 😀

Clayton Joseph

Hands down, priority one Airsoft Field. You can not get any more Airsoft then this. UA Staff are amongst the top tier when it comes to Professionalism, Integrity, and above all extremely helpful to all new players to the sport. Where else are you going to find a Exclusive Airsoft only indoor CQB field? Right here, the one and only Ultimate Airsoft.

Andrew Papp


48 Ashwarren Road|Toronto|Ont

Ultimate Airsoft